Weak ASOS profits highlight UK retailer struggles

As discussed in two recent Walsh Taylor articles (which can be found here and here), the UK retail sector has taken a substantial hit over the course of 2018. In Q2, the number of FTSE-listed businesses issuing profit warnings increased dramatically, and this was shortly followed by the news that […]

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New insolvency rates highlight North-South divide

The UK’s North-South economic divide is well documented. In recent years, thanks to the so-called Northern Powerhouse government spending has been roughly evenly split between the both the North and South of the UK. Although there are more businesses set up in the south of the country, insolvency rates are […]

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Are Leeds’ flood defences leaving local businesses vulnerable?

With climate change currently being a well-publicised topic in the media at the moment, flooding is increasingly becoming a worry here in the UK. As well as the obvious impacts of this on peoples’ personal lives, business owners should rightfully be aware of the potential dangers to their companies. Damage […]

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How would a Leeds Clean Air Zone affect local businesses?

Aiming to help decrease pollution, Leeds City Council proposed its Clean Air Zone (CAZ) scheme to the government last month. In this they outlined their idea to charge the ‘worst polluting’ buses, coaches and HGVs £50 per day, with £40 million being needed to actually deliver the plans. Despite the […]

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New rail plans set to benefit Leeds and Yorkshire-based companies

Through our business recovery and insolvency work, Walsh Taylor often deal with local organisations that are struggling financially. With our support many develop successful businesses and this article on the proposed Northern Powerhouse rail plans shows the positive impact it will have on these companies in Leeds, Yorkshire and beyond. […]

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UK universities experiencing financial difficulties

Whilst stress and education are known to go hand in hand, most tend to think that students connect these two things. It has recently been revealed, however, that it is actually the universities that are currently experiencing their fair share of difficulties. According to a piece released by British newspaper […]

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HMRC to benefit from preference over other creditors

In the April budget the Chancellor announced that from 6 April 2020 it proposes that HMRC will once again benefit from a Crown preference. This means that in an insolvency, HMRC would rank ahead of floating charge holders and unsecured creditors. The taxes collected by the insolvent company from customers and […]

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