Are Leeds’ flood defences leaving local businesses vulnerable?

With climate change currently being a well-publicised topic in the media at the moment, flooding is increasingly becoming a worry here in the UK.

As well as the obvious impacts of this on peoples’ personal lives, business owners should rightfully be aware of the potential dangers to their companies. Damage to both commercial property and stock can often lead to loss of contracts and customers, which then go hand in hand with financial stress. Even if the flooding does not impact you directly, certain suppliers or employees could well be affected too.

In knowing this, Walsh Taylor were keenly following the local West Yorkshire news recently after it was revealed that Leeds’ political leaders were set to warn the government that their lack of funding for the city’s flood defences ‘could be putting lives and businesses at risk’.

Despite a proposed £112 million flood defence scheme being refused shortly afterwards, we were happy to hear of the Leader of Leeds City Council Councillor Judith Blake’s announcement in response. In it she outlined a ‘pragmatic two-step solution’ to providing improved protection measures. This means that although the full scheme is not yet fully funded, the council is set to work with the Environment Agency to carry it out in separate parts until the remainder of the necessary funding has been secured.

As Walsh Taylor has an office in Leeds and two more nearby in Harrogate and Bradford (with our Darlington branch a bit further afield), the team naturally takes an interest in the regional developments that are likely to have a bearing on local firms.

In working with organisations throughout the UK by helping them to formulate workable solutions to their financial problems, we recognise the consequences of flooding, particularly after the Boxing Day floods in 2015.

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